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Feb 3, 2022

Winter weather is on the way. Follow these tips to help protect your trees:

💧Water: When trees are stressed from lack of water, they are more likely to experience damage from freezing weather. Watering deeply a few days in advance of an upcoming cold spell can be beneficial because water in the soil and in the tree can act as an insulator, keeping the soil warmer.

🌳 Mulch: Mulch can be a great tool to retain heat and moisture in the soil. Add a 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch that spreads from 3 inches away from the base of the tree to the drip line.

🌱 Cover: Newly planted trees or citrus trees that are less resistant to colder weather may need to be covered to provide extra protection from the elements. The trunk can be wrapped with a burlap or opaque plastic tree wrap. This helps prevent sun scald, an issue caused by warmer winter weather causing the bark to take a break from dormancy allowing the tissues to be damaged and killed by cooler weather at night. Smaller trees can also be wrapped at night in a loose material, such as a bed sheet or burlap. This can help the tree retain warmth and help protect the tree from harsh wind. Make sure that the cover is removed in the morning to prevent overheating.

🏡 Bring inside: When possible, it can be beneficial to bring smaller trees indoors to keep them away from the harsh elements. If they are moved somewhere without natural light, such as a garage, make sure to set your trees out during the day as the sun comes out.

When in doubt, always contact a certified arborist for assistance.

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