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Nov 3, 2021

Over the last six months, we’ve shared a lot about trees recovering from Winter Storm Uri. Many trees never properly leafed out, and a large percentage of those that did leaf out did so in patches, or as a clump at the base of the tree’s canopy. Our advice in May was to wait and see, and by August it was easy to tell which trees weren’t going to make it. Now we’re at the end of this year’s growing season, and a lot of home and landowners are asking us the same question – what should we do with the branches that never grew leaves?

Sadly, those branches are dead. While it is preferable to not prune trees during warmer months due to pests and disease, we are finally heading into pruning season and there just might be a perfect window for people to be able to prune back the branches of their trees that were killed by the freeze, while still being able to tell which branches are alive.

So if you have trees on your property that look like the one below, now is a good time to prune back those dead branches while the living shoots are still easily distinguishable. It is still likely that trees with less than 50% of their originally canopy will eventually die, but trees have a way of surprising even our most experienced foresters.

Read the full article at: – and watch our “How To” Pruning video on YouTube to safely prune your trees affected by Winter Storm Uri! VIDEO AT:

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